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 The Final Book: Our Plot

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PostSubject: The Final Book: Our Plot   Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:44 pm

Let's Wind Back The Clocks

Light Yagami, finder of the Death Note possessed by the shinigami Ryuk, is being hunted by the FBI. He has an agent following him, who he quickly disposes of, only for his wife to get on the case. Light only won that day due to quick thinking, a sharp tongue, and the fact that he happened to be at headquarters when the woman was looking to talk to the members.

What if he hadn't have been?

Imagine this: Naomi turns her information into the task force, the information is used to track down a suspect; Light. Light is instantly declared Kira and confirmed due to evidence. He is executed the following day and all the death notes are burned. Ryuk's is burned along with it, and he heads back to the human world

Except one, of course.

Light's death note, still carefully hidden in his room upstairs, was never found. A year later, the house was demolished, and the book disregarded as trash after being found in the rubble. At the dump, a teen, age 18, found the death note. This teenager was a follower of the kira murders, and believed Kira's path to be the right one.

This teen, who took on the identity "The Final Holder", intimidated Sidoh, the true owner of Light's old death note, into leaving him alone. Even without the eye deal, Izueo was a force to be reckoned with. It has only been a month since he picked up the death note, and he has already killed thousands.

The Japanese Police, The FBI, and L himself are all after this culprit, while followers of Kira's teachings work to help him.

Which side will you choose?
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The Final Book: Our Plot
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