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 Beyond Birthday (More commonly known as 'BB' or 'B').

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PostSubject: Beyond Birthday (More commonly known as 'BB' or 'B').   Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:39 pm

Kira Follower Template

General Information

Name: Beyond Birthday [Calls himself Rue Ryuzaki]
Age: Unknown.
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance

Personality: The only thing known about his past before going to Wammy's House is that his father was beaten to death by a thug and his mother died in a train crash. Like L, Mello, Matt and Near, he lived in Wammy's House and was known as B, which stood for "Backup." A, the original successor to L, had killed himself years earlier due to the pressure of living up to L. Birthday was born with Shinigami eyes, so he could see when humans would die, and their names. Using his shinigami eyes, he would intentionally kill people on their destined day of death. Other than this, not much is really known about him or any of his motivations or goals.

However, time was wearing his patience, and began to start irritating Birthday. He wondered when the prick would die. At this point, he began (though he always had) looking more and more like L. Getting into his mind was his way of figuring out the way L thought. Once he got there, he knew his exact plans. Like L, he has a sweet tooth and is always eating jam, and will bring some if his destination wouldn't have any. Aside from that, essentially, he is L... With a twist. Beyond Birthday is a sadistic, nihlistic, twisted, and down right evil person with hardly any hint of a conscience. When commiting crimes, he will wipe clean everything and leave behind complex hints that only a special or trained eye would ever see. Beyond Birthday came up with a plan to surpass L, as the "World's Greatest Criminal", giving L a case that B hoped he would be unable to solve.

Appearance: -See display picture-
Height: Unknown, for he slouches often.
Weight: Average.

Background/Roleplay Sample

Background: Birthday is a very strange man. Hardly anything is known about him such as who he really is or where he came from, even his reasons for being what he is; a monster. His whole life he was brainwashed and told he was one day to be the new L, only after or if A (L's first successor) were to die before him. However, after his death, Birthday saw his chance and got very eager. He was always looking up to L, not in a brotherly or envious way, but as something he must eliminate to replace him faster. He waited as patiently as possible.

Reasons For Following Kira: Beyond's main reason for being for Kira is the fact that Kira and L are in a huge duel to the death. Beyond only hopes that L is the one to lose, because he too always watched the fight. In the end, he cared not whether Kira died, only that L died first. He never told a soul this, and full out supports Kira until the very end. However, if L is killed before he is meant to die (his shinigami eyes helped figure out this date), he vowes to personally find Kira and eliminate him. Once again, he never admits any of this and keeps it permanantely locked away until the day comes. He remains on pins and needles in wait - no literally, there is blood everywhere. Wink.

Roleplay Sample: The world around her seemed to have literally stopped. Like a movie on pause, nothing was changing, everything was staying the same. Driven mad by these thoughts of war and her life, Amayah breathed in the stale, radioactive air and hated every moment of it. She may have Urufu…But something was just wrong about her life.

Standing up, she peered over the ledge of the corner of the building she was sitting on. Throwing herself off of it, she opened her wings at the last possible second and landed gracefully upon her feet. Looking around, she spotted a small pond. Walking over to it slowly, she reached it and looked down in wonderment at it. For something so small, so dirty, and so overlooked, it had its own dignified look to it.

Bending over it to look at it more for no particular reason, her own reflection stared her back in the face. She perked her ears as her lips parted slightly in shock at what she saw. Her hair was full of dirt and was messed up, she looked as thought she had been under attack and escaped a well-fought fight with her life. Her eyes glowed a mean shade of green; they too had a wild look about them. Upon her face were etched scratches from both herself and various hybrids in the battlefield. Shocked at seeing this, she now realized, madness now has come over me, there is no escaping it this time. Having some trouble dealing with these changes, and living with these changes, Amayah grew hot with anger.

Looking at her own reflection when suddenly it changed to this mad and wild thing, something far from what she once was, her imagination went into over drive. Violently, it changed; her reflection was now snarling and snapping its teeth at her, making her physically feel it. Ow! She thought to herself. There is no turning back now, you’ve woken the up the demon in me , her reflection told her angrily as it continued to snarl and spit at her.

It seems that all good has died, and was decaying in Amayah as her reflection held her hostage. Now, the world is a scary place now that you’ve woken up the demon in me. Her reflection told her once more as it began to transform Amayah completely.

Her insides began to burn like a thousand suns as she howled in pain. A monster had been born deep inside of her, and was now ripping her apart internally, stealing her soul. Open up your hate and let it flow into me, [/i] the monster told her sadistically. “No!” screamed Amayah. She thought of Urufu and everyone else she had gotten close to, she could not give up now. Falling to the ground hard, she made a loud thumping noise, shutting her eyes tight and shrieking loudly, she continued clutching her sides as she wriggled wildly.

The monster within her cackled madly, her struggle feeding the hunger of the beast. [i]That’s right, squirm! Squirm you impudent little worm! Don’t be afraid Amayah…Madness is the gift that I have given to you, don’t you like it? Amayah howled again as her eyes turned a deep shade of red. The monster laughed as it began to win the fight.

Taking complete control over her entire body, Amayah now stood a marionette to her own insanity. Looking around her, she saw nothing that interested her. Her mind jumped straight to Urufu once more. I must see him! Amayah cried internally. I won’t allow that, said her inner voice. Fighting herself, she made way to fly.

However, she was thwarted by the demon within her. You foul little witch, how dare you disobey me! Amayah’s eyes began to turn a more violent shade of red as she spoke aloud to herself, not caring who was watching or listening. “I am no ones puppet! Let me go! I didn’t want to change this way, I wanted a different change!” She said angrily. Careful what you wish for… The voice said with a sadistic tone and evil laughter.

Screaming angrily and loudly at herself, her hands emitted balls of fire by accident. Losing control of her temper more so than usual, she began throwing fire balls at the ground for lack of knowledge of what to do. The shrill laughter grew louder and louder in her head as her anger rose higher than it ever had. “Someone help me!” She screamed as her emotions changed into fear for a brief moment, what was happening?

Snapping back into anger at the voice in her head, she snarled and hissed loudly. “Now you’re going to see how it feels you insolent little prick, get ready to die!” Amayah screamed at herself. Her fear returned as she realized her own insanity had literally taken over. To kill it, she would have to kill herself… But there must be another way! She thought desperately. “Oh god, someone help me!” She screamed into the deserted town. Amayah’s thoughts turned for the worse when she realized she would die here, and what was worse, by her own madness.
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PostSubject: Re: Beyond Birthday (More commonly known as 'BB' or 'B').   Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:01 pm

Approved, welcome to the followers of Kira~
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Beyond Birthday (More commonly known as 'BB' or 'B').
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