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 Mail Jeevas (Matt)

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PostSubject: Mail Jeevas (Matt)   Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:23 am

Kira Opposer Template

General Information

Name: Mail Jeevas AKA Matt (Or M2, Matty, Matty-Matt, Mutt, and Mail Box)
Age: During this timeline, around when Naomi died, he'd be 13, almost 14.
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance

Personality: Matt is a a word, laidback. Mail is the type who doesn't really get involved with things; doesn't really want to face the world. If it was his choice, he'd stay cooped up inside all day playing video games. A highly addicted smoker; Matt is constantly seen with a cigarette. He's playful, teasing, and tend to turn things into a joke by a witty or snide comment though he tends to have a perverse side to his humore. Matt is lazy. Matt is relaxed. Matt is blunt to the point where some could call him rude.

Matt can also be amazingly sweet and gentle though, given the right circumstances. (cough, cough) He's fiercly loyal for the few he cares for. Mail also, as before partially mentions; loves video games. The stress of real life needs to give way to a brilliant fantasy world where he can always win somethimes.
A hacker a computer/technilogical expert; Matt is also extreemly smart, and if he truly put himself to it he could outrank both of his counterparts. Truthfully, he just doesn't care. Matt doesn't want to be L, he doesn't want to be looked up to or face the pressures that caused A to kill him/herself.


More often then not, Matt is clad in a vertically striped black and white long-sleeved shirt, worn and torn jeans, black combat boots and his signature orange lensed silver googles. Once in a while he'll hang a chain off his jeans for decoration like teans his age tend to do. When he's older he gets a light brown vest with furry white lining.
Truthfully, Matt is quite handsome; cute in his cheery atmosphere and attractive with bright green eyes and firey red hair. Matt could get a girlfriend, but he doesn't care. Girl are too much work anyway, magazines are better; they can't talk.

Height: 167 cm (5'5 ft)
Weight: 52 kg (114.6 lbs)

Background/Roleplay Sample

Background: Due to his brief appearances in the manga and anime, not much is know about Matt's past. It is known that his parents were killed one way or another, and many have speculated as to how. Matt was sent to Wammys and it is know that he was ranked third for L's title. At some point; he became friends with another orphan there by the name of Mello and tends to play the part of 'sidekick.'

At this particular time, Matt is living in the Wammy's Orphanage for Gifted Children. He reluctantly does his school work, plays video games, hangs out with his scarce amount of friends, and secretly smokes when he can. He lives like a normal teenage boy, curious about the world; girls; his own feelings and everything else. He looks at the world through a cheery if not slightly isolated perspective.

Reasons For Fighting Kira: Well; Matt's a whammy. As L's successor he's always been strictly taught to battle against all of such evils. In his position at Wammys though, there's really nother he can do at the moment. He's against Kira, sure, but truthfully Matt would rather watch the battle unfold then take part in it. He want L to win because he's been taught that L should win, simple as that. He hasn't really given any thought to whether it's fair for criminals to die or not.
Alignment: Matt is, technically, directly aligned to L. He was raised as Whammys manking him eligible to actually become L at one point or another. Mentally though, Matt doesn't align himself with anyone but his closest friends. He doesn't want to be a detective, or another L. Matt just doesn't know L, and doesn't view him or most anyone else as an ally.
Position: Third successor to L; Wammys reisdent sidekick or 'puppy dog.'

Roleplay Sample: (he's older in this, somewhere between 19 and 22)

It was dark, the dead of night actually. Many of this disgusting town were tucked into their homes and their beds. Fear to wander the streets filled the majority of hearts and minds in this drug ride they called a city. Gangs lurked in the shadows read to pouce, hookers and dealers served each other on the same corner. People who dared stay out at night crowded into the few lighted areas.

Matt leaned against the bar in the far corner of one of those lighted areas, growing tired of the pounding neon strobe lights, the heavy music, and the hot- sweaty bodies pressed against each other in moves that were more pleasure then real dancing.
His hazy gaze traveled around the room through an orange tint, from a couple passionatly making out in one corner, to the young, abit too eager bartender, to the shady figures learing at women in the shadows. Matt stuck his hands in his pockets, wondering why he chose such a place to spend his evening.

Because you're alone an inner thought told him. He shook it off. Nothing was wrong with a young man hitting a club to have some fun right? Besides, if he was bored of this place and feeling a bit needy he could easily pick someone up to spend the rest of the night anyway. Matt turned his gaze upward to the one red colored lightbulb that light the bar area of the club. He felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey; cutie. You ok? If you're sick of the dancing I've got a back room you can get some rest in...." It was the bartender; a bright; light haired fellow who looked younger than Matt but was probably a year or two older. His eyes sparkled, his tone suggestive. The red head chuckled, knowing something was different about that guy.

"Sorry kid, I don't swing that way." Matt winked, running a hand through his hair. He reached for his drink and brought it to his mouth again. Oh Zelda, this was gonna be a long night....
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PostSubject: Re: Mail Jeevas (Matt)   Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:45 pm

Approved, yo~
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Mail Jeevas (Matt)
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