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 Izueo Yokin: The New Kira

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PostSubject: Izueo Yokin: The New Kira   Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:29 pm

|||The New Kira|||

General Information

Name: Izueo Yokin
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance


Evil: Izueo is the most sadomasochistic, twisted, fucked up man you could ever meet. He's the kind of guy who would snap your neck just for looking at him funny, and then laugh about it. The most disturbing thing about him is his extreme conviction to keep calm through it all, his face barely showing any signs of emotion unless he is in a state of extreme bloodlust.

Logical: Izueo is a highly analytical thinker. He can take the actions of an opponent in battle, and almost instantly find a way to use them to his advantage. Out of battle, he uses his logical mind in mostly constructive ways. He reads, solves trivial puzzles, plays word games by himself, looks for chess opponents, etc. This keeps his mind active and keeps his intelligence a force to be reckoned with.

Cold and Hot: Izueo, when in an average mood, will be a very cold, calculating individual, his logic being the dominating aspect of his personality. His emotions will only barely, if at all, come into play. His driving force will be his goals, his determination for the obliteration of the human race being his main focus. When angered, however, Izueo becomes hot-tempered, and takes any action, no matter how drastic, to eliminate the person who angered him. This being a huge flaw in his personality.


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 128 lbs

Background/Roleplay Sample


Izueo was born into a family of, for lack of a nicer word, complete assholes. His mother was a nurse in Tokyo General, and his father was a lawyer for the biggest law firm in the city. Both very rich, neither caring parents. As Izueo grew up, he was allowed to do pretty much whatever he wanted. His lifestyle choices being torturing small animals, making absolutely no friends, and wishing for the entire world to just die.

In his late teens, he discovered the murders being committed by Kira, and instantly took a liking to the killer. Who wouldn't want to cleanse the world of evil? Eventually, the arrest of Kira was announced, and Izueo hated everything for it. He hid in a junkyard where he found, lo and behold, the death note. {{OOC: The rest of Izueo's information basically IS the plot. So I feel no need to continue writing here.}}

Roleplay Sample: {{A Recent RP with Mayuri Kurotsuchi, perhaps one of my best.}}

(A recent RP with Mayuri, maybe one of my best posts)

Mayuri had gotten the call not too long ago, and the words were still dancing excitedly in his mind. A quincy? And an INSANE one at that. Ooh this was certainly going to be an interesting experience. Mayuri hustled around his laboratory, gathering what he felt he needed before he departed. "Grappling arm.. check.. Regeneration serum for after the use of said arm.. check.." He listed to himself, poking and prodding at his various body parts to check their durability.

"Hmm," He pondered to himself, "I probably won't need it.. but it'll be a good precaution just in case." He said aloud, walking over to a rather large chamber on the lab's wall. Stepping inside, he typed fast on an electronic keyboard inside the chamber. Suddenly, the door to the chamber closed, little robotic arms coming out of the wall and disassembling Mayuri's body, interchanging various organs and tendons for dummies, these fakes created by Mayuri himself in case of an emergency opponent situation where he'd have the chance of dying. After no more than five minutes, the process was complete. Mayuri rubbed his eyes, stepping out of the chamber right after the doors wooshed open, he blinked, looking around. It always took him a bit to readjust after that process. He looked around the lab, checking to make sure everything matched memory.

Three tables lined up exactly in a row on against the farthest wall from the door, at least twenty syringes of different sizes and contents scattered across each table, check. Medical chairs and dissection tables, each with their own unique specimen, whether they be hollow, dead shinigami, or dead quincy, check. He blinked a few times, looking up at the three heavily armored doors ahead of him, that, he knew, was where all the most deadly toxins known to any species in existence were kept. He smirked, stretching before realizing, quite abruptly, that he wasn't fit for battle. Due to the simple fact that the reconstruction process left him naked..

He strolled over to a nearby lab table, pulling out his usual attire, the shinigami uniform, and his captains haori. Donning said clothing, he reached into a side drawer, pulling out his long, pointed white hat. Putting it on and turning it sideways, as per it's usual. Stretching once more before strolling casually towards the door, grabbing his zanpakuto from an end table and slipping it through the front of his belt on his way out

Mayuri entered in his access code, stepping into the in-between area between his lab and the outside, letting his custom security system, the neuro-toxin that only he and his vice captain were immune to, fill the room and clear out before the second door opened, releasing him into Seireitei.

He took a deep breath, it smelled like intolerance and justice out here. Not a good combination, Mayuri thought, moving his right hand to his head and running his right middle finger, and it's unusually long nail, under the brim of his hat, scratching his skull. This was not a bad day in the slightest, he was in a good mood, and he got to hunt down a quincy, what more could he ask for?

He quickly switched transportation methods, shunpoing quickly to the main senkaimon in soul society, telling the operators his destination before brusquely walking through it.

He was suddenly aware of the dark moving walls of the Dangai Precipice world, picking up the pace a bit as he walked through this area. He hadn't bothered to check whether today was one of those cleaner days or not, and he didn't plan on it..

Before too long, he was exiting out the other side of the senkaimon. His estimate was correct, for he was staring directly at his target. The quincy was standing a mere 14 feet from Mayuri's current position, and... was there someone else? Yes, it was unmistakable, from this distance he could clearly someone standing a bit farther BEHIND the quincy.

"Hello, greetings to the both of you. I am here for the quincy, he has drawn some undue attention in the seireitei and I'm here for his body, I need a new test subject." His voice was like a toxin, it was the kind that seeped into you deeper and deeper the more you heard it, the kind that would corrupt your very being if you were exposed to it too long.

He stepped out of the senkaimon completely, looking around and observing the area before turning back to the two in front of him, a sadistic smirk on his face, his permanently yellow teeth showing clearly.
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The Mastermind

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PostSubject: Re: Izueo Yokin: The New Kira   Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:29 pm

I'm auto-approving this, seeing as how it's my site and this guy is the plot >>
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Izueo Yokin: The New Kira
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